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Easter at Church by the Bridge

Following my post about Easter media resources, Jeremy Halcrow asked what resources I would use if I was putting together an Easter service. I thought I’d share some of the ways my church (Church by the Bridge) is promoting Easter services to the community, and some of my thoughts on the best media to use.

We’ve produced a postcard (front pictured below) to be delivered to each letterbox in our parish. We’ll also be handing out these postcards at a fair trade market we’re holding this Saturday. On the reverse of the postcard are the times and details for each of our Easter services.

CBTB Easter postcard

This is complemented by a banner on our website (pictured below). Many of the visitors to our church come via the website, and we’d like to ensure that any people who receive a postcard in the mail can easily see when they visit the website that we’re the same church.


Church by the Bridge will hold nine services over the Easter weekend, running with the theme “Words of life and death”. Some of these services will be traditional (such as the 8am classic Anglican service), whilst others will attract a very different crowd (e.g. the 6.30am dawn service under the Harbour Bridge, with hot cross buns and coffee).

I’m still thinking about what media would be appropriate for the different services, and also given the theme. I would like to interview people in the community about what Easter means to them. I think the personal interview is a good way not only of making contacts in the community, but also of displaying some real thoughts and opinions that might resonate with newcomers, but also give regulars insight into what other people in the community might be thinking. For example, we did some vox pops last year during World Youth Day:

What happens when you die? from Church by the Bridge on Vimeo.

I’m not sure any of the suggested videos will tie in with what my church is doing, but I think that some of the imagery will be powerful on PowerPoint slides in communicating visually that some of the important themes of Easter. I’m also keen to produce a video that focuses on words and their power, (hopefully helpfully) relating back to the theme.

Is your church running with a theme this Easter? What media will you use to support your communication of that theme?

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