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A church communications plan

If communication isn’t planned, it’s ad hoc.

Ad hoc isn’t considered. Ad hoc isn’t strategic. Ad hoc is only accidentally effective.

Last month I read ‘Tips and tricks for managing communications‘ at Church Marketing Sucks and was inspired by some of the promotions worksheets and communications plans shared.

I decided to create my own church communications plan, using a Google Spreadsheet so it can be easily shared with the ministry team.

The plan seeks to pull together the different communications channels in use at Church by the Bridge, and then map out how upcoming events and vision will be communicated through these channels. Some of the items in the plan (e.g. ‘Celebrate the wins’) I’ll explain in a future post.

Above is a snapshot of the plan – click here to download the full plan from last week (PDF).

It’s only a first cut, and I’m still thinking it through and fine-tuning it. If you’ve done something similar, or have ideas for how this could be even more effective, I’d love to hear from you.

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