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3 ways to prioritise church communications

As I look at what needs to be communicated at church in October and November, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed!

These are the events and activities that we’d like to let people know about to pray for/invite people to/register for:

  • Get involved in Operation Christmas Child
  • Register for Central events (men, women, marriage, parenting, relationships).
  • Increase giving.
  • Register for Super Sunday.
  • Pray/give/donate for bush fires.
  • Volunteer (carols, gingerbread, playtime).
  • Come to the working bee.
  • Invite a friend to Carols/Christmas services.
  • Come and celebrate baptisms.
  • Pray for the Darwin mission.
  • Come to Central Prayer Meeting.
  • Come to Mission Focus Weekend.

A communications plan is essential, but with so many things to communicate and channels to communicate on, it’s easy to experience  church calendar overload.

The need for prioritization

What’s needed is prioritization.

Dawn Baldwin sums up why this is important:

“People are trying to process too much information and as communicators we are not helping the situation…If we don’t tell them what’s important, then by default nothing becomes important.”

Defining one thing as more important than another can be controversial. No one likes to think that their initiative/ministry/event is less important than another. But Dave Moore offers some important words on the ‘more important’ concept:

“Just because something is more important doesn’t mean that the less important is wrong or evil.

For example, in 1Cor7 Paul says it is better, more important given the age we live in, to not get married – but getting married is not evil.

Also, it’s more important that I spend time with my wife than my friends. This doesn’t mean I never spend time with my friends, nor that spending time with friends is evil (nor that my wife isn’t my friend).

So when your church or growth group or whatever says that something is more important than something else, don’t get upset because your golden calf is getting sacrificed… There’s just something more important.”

Prioritization in action

Here are 3 examples of how church communicators prioritize what gets communicated. How does this look at your church?


Tim Peters uses tiers: “A communication tier is a group of events or ministries that hold a certain level of importance.”

  • Level One: Easter, Christmas, Giving Campaign, Vision Celebration, Life Change Stories, Impacts 80% of the church
  • Level Two: A Major Ministry Event which Impacts a significant amount of an audience (VBS, D-Now Weekend)
  • Level Three: Low priority, recurring ministry events like Wholly Fit, Divorce Care, Men’s Barbeque, etc.


Dawn Baldwin uses buckets. Buckets “create different buckets for visibility. High, Medium, and Low visibility.”

  • High Visibility – Primary front doors that apply to most people, or we want to strategically promote.
  • Medium Visibility – Large groups with shared interests and immediate next step actions.
  • Light Visibility – Everything else.

Gold, Silver, Bronze

City on a Hill uses this weighting system that “indicates the focus for Church commitment and investments”.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 12.22.41 PM

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